Support for "A Brief Message from the Heart" Letter Contest

Since 1995 we have supported this contest, begun by the Maruoka-cho Cultural Foundation in Fukui Prefecture. We support this event mainly for the following two reasons. First, the contest features the spirit common to our message: Passing important values from people to people. Second, Maruoka-cho is where Masatomo Sumitomo, our founder, was born.

25th "A Brief Message from the Heart" Letter Contest Winners Announced


An event to announce winners of the 25th "A Brief Message from the Heart" Letter Contest was held at the Takamuku Community Center in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, on January 26, 2018. In this annual contest sponsored by Sumitomo Group Public Affairs Committee, contestants compete by writing memorable short letters on a given theme.

The 2017 competition's theme was "To My Mother," and 140 letters were honored (5 Grand Prizes, 10 Excellence Awards, 20 Sumitomo Awards, etc.) from 38,182 letters. At the venue, four students from Maruoka Junior High School of Sakai City read the award-winning letters, which were notable for their illuminating insights on this theme.

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Over 1 Million Cumulative Entries

The cumulative entries to "A Brief Message from the Heart" Letter Contest," including those to its predecessor held 10 times from 1993 onward, exceeded one million (1,005,226 letters) on April 19, 2009.