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Sen-oku Hakuko-kan
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National Museum of China publishes a book on the Sumitomo Collection

The National Museum of China in Beijing has published a book featuring 199 art objects from the Sumitomo Collection, a remarkable collection that can be viewed at the Sen-oku Hakuko Kan, a museum in Kyoto.
The 440-page book introduces ancient Chinese bronzes and calligraphic works and paintings with photographs and commentary in Chinese.
Sen-oku Hakuko Kan exhibits and preserves the Sumitomo Collection, which comprises art objects collected by the Sumitomo family.
The collection is particularly notable for its exquisite ancient Chinese bronzes.
Mr.Lu Zhangshen, the Museum Director of the National Museum of China says that the institution will promote cooperation with Japanese museums because cultural exchange will support peaceful development of the Japan-China relationship. (photo left: Mr.LuZhangshen, the Museum Director of the National Museum of China, and Mr.Ichiro Kominami, the Museum Director of Sen-oku Hakuko Kan)
Sen-oku Hakuko-kan

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